Who We ARE and What We DO

 Since  2014, I2 IT Systems has been elevating Madison’s technology by providing IT help to small and mid-sized businesses. As IT Support specialists, we’ve been helping these businesses achieve better growth by turning their technology into a competitive advantage. We accomplish this by providing best-in-class IT services and solutions at affordable prices, so clients can improve efficiency, productivity, and customer service while reducing costs. Our long-term partnerships are based on open communication and trust, so we can continually meet our clients’ needs and deliver maximum ROI. We pride ourselves in being one of the top tech companies in Madison that provides technology professionals to help our community succeed. 

At I2 IT Systems, we develop, implement and manage technology solutions that answer today’s critical business challenges. Since 2014, we have assisted thousands of global and mid-market companies across numerous industries, helping them achieve their business and technology goals.

We accomplish this through the deep business and technical expertise of our team, our partnerships with technology leaders, innovative applications, and a flexible, open and honest approach with our clients.

Through comprehensive IT Services, Solutions, and Staffing, we have helped many leading companies:

• Plan, implement, and optimize their technology strategies and portfolios

• Transform their business through unprecedented connectivity between applications, people, data, and devices

• Innovate faster by modernizing legacy systems and developing new applications

• Accelerate Digital Transformation by leveraging Cloud technologies

• Increase agility and responsiveness through real-time supply chain visibility

• Improve customer experiences across all channels by overcoming complexity

• Leverage data and analytics to gain competitive advantages

Leveraging partnerships with technology leaders like IBM and MuleSoft we provide solutions and services for:

• Connectivity and Integration

• B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer

• Omnichannel Commerce

• Order Management

• Supply Chain Management

We also provide a full range of services for most major data analytics tools, and develop custom data warehouse, business intelligence, and analytics solutions.

In addition, we provide IT Consulting services—including Enterprise Architecture consulting, custom Application Development—as well as strategic IT Staffing, IT Recruiting and IT Professional Placement services to help companies address their IT resource needs.

Focused on Client Success

We strive to bring clarity to complexity, improve operations, enable cost reductions, increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth. We focus on delivering a core set of products and services and are strategically positioned to partner with our customers for the long term.

Rather than providing point solutions that may only meet short-term technology needs, we assist our customers in developing holistic solutions and sound business strategies that provide flexibility as well as adaptability. We feel this is at the foundation of all sound business-value based solutions.

By not only building but nurturing our relationships with our customers, we can deliver solutions much quicker than our competitors. We know our customers and their business needs intimately, and often know the right questions to ask before they have thought of them.